Development stage

Our products are currently at development stage. We have multiple applications for our products, also products based on different technology approaches. However, current alternatives have common nominator of biomimicking. Performance, especially optical performance has been proven in lab scale. At current stage we looking for scaling the production. We are looking forward to have first solutions and trials with prototype products listed below.


Novel biomimicking nanosurface innovations for enhancing the solar energy efficiency by decreasing surface reflection. The forefront designs for present photovoltaic (PV) cell products and leading inventions for the next generation PV technologies for more efficient production of renewable energy. Customizable designs for robust large scale applications such as buildings and greenhouses where the increased efficiency can be used to enhance illumination of the plants.



Future surface solutions for light diffusing. Meets the needs of robustness, elasticity and durability of the next generation lightning applications.  Completing modern energy efficient light sources with miniature production costs. Perfect innovation for dispensing spatial distribution, ambient lighting designs and safety systems.



CleanSurf offer self cleaning hydrophobic solutions for wide range of application from sensors to buildings. Combinable with the other product ranges.