A new research based cleantech venture

Figure: Nanostructure of leaf in SEM image.

Bio mimicking the nanostructures is the basis for WMZ-SolarSurfaces Ltd solutions in different applications. In the figure, a nano size structure of a bamboo leaf is shown. The magnified structure image is obtained by scanning electron microscope (SEM). In the research lab, the nanostructures of leafs on top of photovoltaic (PV) cell has been shown to make PV cell up to 17% more efficient when compared to a cell without the nanostructure. This clearly opens up new opportunities in renewable energy production.

Evolution has led nature to optimize the structure of sunlight dependent plants to capture sunlight in an efficient way. It has been assumed that studying the details of how the nature has formed e.g. the structures of leaves over the hundreds of millions of years could teach us how to do it more efficiently. Fact is that on-going evolution has optimized plants for capturing sunlight, making many of the surfaces hydrophobic as well as somewhat self cleaning.

Copying nanostructures of plants into synthetic nanostructures is called bio mimicking. WMZ-NanoSurfaces will commercialize the technology and plans to utilize the new knowledge in practical applications through biomimicry.